It’s About Coffee

Here at It’s About Coffee®, we are committed to perfect precision roasting. Our entire roasting team is dedicated to bringing coffee enthusiasts the freshest, most flavorful and aromatic coffee beans available.

It’s About Coffee® Roasters offers the world’s finest coffee, including specialty, single origin coffees, premium blends, fair trade organic and Swiss Water® Process decaffeinated freshly roasted coffee beans, all roast dated to ensure freshness.

We LOVE Coffee!

We LOVE Coffee! Perfect coffee is our passion!


Fresh Roast Dated Coffee Beans.

Create the best tasting home!

Create the best tasting home!

We are High Precision Coffee Roasters

This offers consistency in the quality and flavor of the roasted bean. Always fresh, always perfectly roasted to optimize the flavor profile of each of our 20 varieties of beans. Shipped within two days of roasting.


October 28th, 2015

Listen to the commercial for this Friday’s Coffee Extravaganza

Listen Now!

We are giving away coffee this Friday, October 30, 2015!  If you’ve never tasted our coffee, this Friday is THE DAY to stop by and change your status!  FREE 12 oz cups of our flavor packed brewed coffee to the first 50 new customers!  Brewed coffee will also be discounted 50% off all day, with coffee bean giveaways, coffee drink giveaways, and a limited supply of brewed 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain for only $2!  We’re even adding to the excitement by boosting loyalty card rewards by offering double stamps on regular priced items!  The shenanigans start at 7 am and the freebies go until we run out…50 first time new customers and only 16 people will get the 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain for only $2!  Make sure you’re one of the winners!  Get here early!

It’s About Coffee, 1000 E Butler Ave #102, Flagstaff, AZ.  928-779-1053

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