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On September 1, 2017 the coffee shop on Butler Ave in Flagstaff, AZ closed down it’s beverage and food operations. This decision was made so that we can continue to offer our precision roasted beans, streamline costs, and offer better pricing and perks to our customers. It has been our pleasure serving each and every one of the smiling faces that we’ve met and formed friendships with over the last 10 years. We are moving all bean sales to online, phone message, or email. Online orders are now preferred, as it is the most streamlined with the least likelihood of missing your order.

When you call us (928) 779-1053, we will no longer have baristas who will be standing by to answer the phone, but please leave a voice message and we will be returning calls and confirming orders throughout the day. You can also email your orders using our online email form.

Roasting will ONLY be occurring on Mondays until the Monday roast schedule is full and then we will move to additional roasting days. Please note that you can place your order at anytime during the week up to 8 am MST on Monday mornings. Your order will be roasted and then shipped within 2 days of roasting.

The IMPROVEMENTS: go to to order!

  • Reduced prices
  • $1 donation for every pound purchased (building clean water wells in Africa, fighting childhood slavery)
  • FREE US Shipping
  • Mix and Match 5 pounds receive additional $5 off
  • 5 pounds of same bean receive additional $10 off
  • Optional 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain add on to 5# orders: 1# ($40) or 1/2# ($22)
  • Free 1/2# perk on 5 lb orders


Bean (Roast) Retail Price
Mexican FTO (Medium) $13
Mexican FTO (Dark) $14
Java (Indo Gov’t Estate) (Medium) $13
Java (Indo Gov’t Estate) (Dark) $14
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Medium) $13
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Dark) $14
Sumatra Mandheling FTO (Medium) $13
Sumatra Mandheling FTO (Dark) $14
100% Jamaican Blue Mountain $45
10% Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend (Medium) $15
House Blend FTO (Dark) $14
SWP Mexican FTO DECAF (Medium) $14
SWP Mexican FTO DECAF (Dark) $15



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