It’s About Coffee┬« is located in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ. We are High Precision Coffee Roasters.

What is a High Precision Coffee Roaster? It is a roaster who consistently reproduces the optimized flavor profile of each whole bean, batch to batch and roast to roast.

How do we do it? By utilizing multiple proprietary scientific and artistic system checks to detect the perfect roast pinpoint. This pinpoint accuracy is specific, precise and unique for each bean and is based on achieving the optimal flavor profile (balance, body, aroma and finish) for each bean.

Eric (owner) has successfully operated a high-precision manufacturing company for over twenty-seven years. You may say, coffee is a far cry from the manufacturing industry, to which Eric may reply “it’s about the art and science of coffee, getting the best beans, the perfect roast, the perfect grind, the ideal flow rate, and in the end a masterpiece. A perfect cup of hot, flavorful coffee every single time.”

The quest started with a trip to Jamaica where he experienced the best cup of coffee he ever had many years ago. Within the last several years, Eric has experimented with every process and taken several trips to the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife Carol. There they visited local growers and tasted coffees prepared by people that really cared. Eric’s passion was to consistently produce a coffee that was as good as the best he ever tasted. The experience led to tasting coffee produced from every region of the world. Eric’s journey then turned to roasting. He even designed and built a custom roaster. Through meticulous research he discovered the perfect roasting processes. No bitter or burnt beans here.

The supplies arrived in droves, every nook and cranny of his office was being overtaken by beans, grinders, filters, mugs, carafes, air pots, etc. ; the quest continued. As he continued his search, he discovered that even the water created an extreme variation in flavor and a somewhat unpleasant taste to his coffee. This led Eric to experiment with the re-mineralization of water. The result was a perfectly balanced, pure taste which allows the essence of the beans to shine.

Filters and filter holders were tested for the ideal flow rates. This led him to design and manufacture his own filter holders.

The ultimate reward for all of his hard work was the look on peoples face as they tasted his coffees for the first time. At It’s About Coffee we have taken all of the research and combined the art and science of coffee. We’ve simplified the process and provide everything you need in a kit. All you have to do is follow the directions. You will be rewarded with a perfect cup of coffee every time and some very impressed friends!

Mailing Address:

It’s About Coffee, 1000 East Butler Avenue, Suite 102, Flagstaff, AZ 86001