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Brazil freshly roasted coffee only $9.95!!

Brazil beans are on sale right now as our current coffee of the week.  Flagstaff, Arizona residents can experience the Brazil coffee bean, fresh precision roasted (and roast dated) premium coffee beans at a budget and value friendly price; while still supporting the local economy and a family owned business.  Win Win!  Stop by today for your own bag of either medium roasted beans for just $9.95 or our hybrid dark roast (mixed medium and dark beans together to allow all the flavor of the bean plus smokiness…the best of both worlds) for $10.45.  Plus, maybe you’ll be our first 500th customer this month and get an additional bag for fresh locally roasted coffee for FREE!  It’s About Coffee (coffee shop, Stout Coffee drinks, espresso drinks, delicious brewed coffee with no bitter aftertaste, whole coffee beans, free coffee bean grinding. business coffee accounts, restaurant coffee supply, coffee mugs, speciality coffee containers,  coffee glass lined thermos, Baratza burr grinders, single cup pour over brewing systems).

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Experience Jamaican Blue Mountain

We’ve been sitting on a secret…a great big delicious huge secret.  We have a new product.  In product testing it’s been getting rave reviews.  It’s a brand new Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend.  A full 10% of this roast is 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain.  Experience the essence of the world’s most well balanced coffee at a fraction of the price.  This in an extremely palatable medium roast.  It is delicious!  Full bodied, lots of amazing flavor, nice finish, smooth.  And it is right now only $15.50/lb.  ONLY $15.50 per pound!  That is an amazing price for an amazing blend.  Of course we roast date every bag to guarantee it’s freshness.  Available in the store at 1000 E Butler Ave #102 in Flagstaff, AZ or get yours online right here.

Beans, beans, beans…lots of choices

There are so many varieties of beans on the shelf right now. 

Medium Roasted: 100% Kona, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain, 10% Kona Blend, 10% Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Colombian, Mexican, Kenya, Tanzanian Peaberry, Papua New Guinea, Harrar, Yirgacheffe, Mocha, and Sumatra. 

Dark Roasted: Mexican, Yirgacheffe, Sumatra, and Java. 

Of course there’s FREE coffee sampling daily and the Mexican Chiapas is the current coffee of the week.  Save $3/lb on Mexican Chiapas OFT in either medium or dark roasted options. 

Buy coffee.  Buy local.  Buy fresh.  Buy quality. 

It’s About Coffee’s freshly roasted beans at 1000 E Butler Ave, #102 in Flagstaff, AZ.

Guatemalan…newest coffee of the week

Guatemalan hasn’t been in the coffee of the week rotation since 2010, so we are excited to be able to bring it back!  One pound of medium roasted Guatemalan is just $10.45 or grab a bag of our hybrid dark roasted Guatemalan for just $10.95.  Save $3 per pound!  Limit 3 pounds per customer.

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All on the shelf

Currently on the shelf…all freshly roasted!  Colombian Huila, Mexican Chiapas OFT, Ethiopian Harrar, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe DARK, Java DARK.  Plus a selection of several Swiss Water Process Decafs.  And of course Kenya (Medium, Dark, and Swiss Water Process decaf).

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Kenya – newest coffee of the week

Kenya is back by popular demand.  Flagstaff coffee lovers, get this amazing bean and save $3/lb!  It is bright and sunny and full of flavor.  Available in medium roast, dark roast (which is our special hybrid, so that the full flavor of the medium roasted bean the smokiness of the dark roast can both be enjoyed), and a medium roasted Swiss Water Process decaf.  Always roast dated and guaranteed fresh.  On the shelf right now as whole bean, but we can always grind the beans to your preference.

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Brazil just roasted!

Many of you know, Brazilian beans have been difficult to get lately.  We’ve just roasted up 5 lbs and they are almost on the shelf!

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Mexican Chiapas on Sale

Just freshly roasted Mexican Chiapas is our new coffee of the week.  Save $3/lb!  Medium roasted is just $10.45!  Limited supply.

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More Beans

Colombian Huila has just rolled out of the roaster. Stop by and get your fresh roasted coffee! We also have just roasted Ethiopian Harrar. Only two more days left for the $3 discount on Kenya beans.

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Beans so fresh they’re HOT!

Just bagged up some fresh roasted Mexican Chiapas OFT and Colombian Huila beans. The beans were JUST ROASTED! They were still hot as they were being bagged for the shelf. LOVE FRESH COFFEE!

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