Highlights of It’s About Coffee’s “Love Coffee, Love Community” Fundraiser

  • NO RISK; NO Upfront Costs fundraising options
  • Almost everyone already purchases coffee; so it fits in the budget of potential supporters.
  • Almost everyone drinks coffee or knows someone who drinks coffee, and is likely to purchase coffee from an organization they want to support.
  • Excellent product at reasonable prices.
  • We are a local Flagstaff company looking to help our local Northern Arizona community and local Arizona organizations.
  • Huge potential for earnings with your organization earning $3.50 for every bag of coffee sold.

Earning example:

Let’s say there are 30 participants in a small organization, and each sells 15 bags of coffee (the bags are freezer friendly so each buyer could purchase more than one pound without fear of losing quality or value; and we will always grind whole beans for free at the roastery).

Just those 30 participants could earn the organization $1575!

Now once the first fundraiser is done…the organization can actually set up a perpetual fundraiser by having those same customers (or even just the organizations staff) place their coffee orders through the organization indefinitely, thereby creating a continual steam of income.

Another option available is to purchase the minimum coffee quantity (50 bags) upfront at the wholesale price and sell it at a scheduled event where supporters will be present; this allows the collection of funds and the immediate distribution of the coffee.

The fundraiser can be started at any time. Please note, coffee commodity prices change frequently.  Please contact us to receive the most up to date forms and to confirm prices before fundraising.  (the forms are listed below and should be the most recent, but please still confirm via phone or email, as prices can change unexpectedly)

We have seen great success and organizations have told us that the coffee pretty much sells itself and is one of the easiest fundraisers around.

We look forward to fundraising with you!

The Forms (Updated Sept 2017)

Fundraising Packet Sept 2017

Fundraiser coffee descriptions

Seller order form

Group order form