Here at It’s About Coffee®, we are committed to perfect coffee roasting. Our entire coffee roasting team is dedicated to bringing coffee enthusiasts the freshest, most flavorful and aromatic coffee beans available at value prices. It’s About Coffee® Roasters offers the world’s finest coffee, including specialty, single origin coffees, premium blends, fair trade organic and decaffeinated freshly roasted coffee beans, all roast dated to ensure freshness.

Roasted Coffee Specials

For the best deals on freshly roasted coffee beans, make sure to stop by the Roastery (1000 E Butler Ave, #102, Flagstaff, AZ) for the coffee of the week deal or visit our online store. Discounted $3-$5/lb for medium and dark roasted beans.   Each week the bean on sale rotates between: Colombian, Peru OFT, Brazil, Java, Tanzanian Peaberry, Mexican OFT, India Monsoon Malabar, and several others.

Recently launched is our $9.95 special which includes 10 oz of freshly roasted beans and includes shipping!  Available for our United States customers.